Important Announcement !

Τηρώντας στάση απόλυτης ευθύνης, έχοντας πάντα ως προτεραιότητα την υγεία όλων, καθώς και σε πλήρη ευθυγράμμιση με τα εξαγγελθέντα μέτρα, ανακοινώνουμε ότι η Σχολή Χορού Σιακαλλή θα παραμείνει κλειστή τόσο για παιδιά όσο και για ενήλικες, για την περίοδο 30/11-13/12. Μας λυπεί ιδιαίτερα ότι υποχρεούμαστε να το πράξουμε, ωστόσο εφόσον κρίθηκε αναγκαίο για το κοινό καλό, σας αποχαιρετάμε για λίγο και σας περιμένουμε στις 14/12 γερούς, δυνατούς και υγιείς για ασφαλή χορευτικά ταξίδια. Σας ευχαριστούμε για την κατανόηση και υποστήριξη.


Adhering to an attitude of absolute responsibility, always having as a priority the health of all, as well as in full alignment with the announced measures, we announce that the Shakallis Dance School will remain closed for both children and adults, for the period 30 / 11-13 / 12. We are very sorry that we are obliged to do so, however if it was deemed necessary for the common good, we say goodbye for a while and we are waiting for you on 14/12 strong and healthy! Thank you for your understanding and support.


The Management

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Α rhythmic welcome to Shakallis Dance School (SDS) website!


This site is your one-stop place to discover everything for SDS, from dance styles to studio locations, workshops schedules, dance teachers, parties, events and many more!

As you will discover, we cater for all ages and all levels, with fresh beginners’ classes twice a year, in September/October and in January/February as well as special summer courses every June.

We are celebrating 45 years of existence, so this is a special year for all of us. Find out more at this link.

We treat everyone as a family member, so feel free to call us for additional information, and remember… EVERYONE CAN DANCE!


On behalf of SDS team
Christos Shakallis
SDS Director